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Who we are

Fair Trade Nelson Tasman is a group of volunteers working with community members and local entrepreneurs committed to creating a fair deal for producers around the world. We aim to increase the awareness and availability of fair trade goods by hosting events and promoting the use of fair trade products by consumers and businesses. 
Fair Trade Nelson Tasman also support buying locally within our region.


What we do

We are working with local business to stimulate consumer demand for fair trade products. This includes clear and simple communications on what is available and where it can be found. Our website hosted by the Nelson App will help do this.

It will have the following for each listed business

  • A profile indicator (see table below)

  • Address linked to Google Maps

  • A relevant story from the shop or café


Star JPEG blank.jpg

 A few products 

      Fairtrade information

           Verified environmental & ethical

 Several products 

      Fairtrade producer story

           Information on standards applied

 Many products 

      Personal Fairtrade producer story

           Engagement on standards applied


For either of these reasons please contact us by email

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